How our clients feel about us

I met Quinnetta Claytor during a transitional period in my life. I was heading into the professional world after years of being a student when she reviewed my resume and designed my career portfolio. The best part of it all was, I got the job! If you’re looking for a Lifestyle Coach, Ms. Claytor is sure to push you to the next level.

Angela N. Frazier, MPH

Q. Clay Strategies and Solutions is the gold standard when it comes to career coaching and consulting. Whether you need help preparing for an upcoming interview, refining your resume, or identifying strategies to advance your career, Q. Clay delivers the tactics and resources to do just that. I would recommend Q. Clay Strategies to anyone looking to gain a professional competitive edge in any industry.


Ryshawn Peer, MBA

Senior Manager
Strategy & Business Development

I highly recommend Q. Clay and its services to any professional, young or seasoned, looking to leverage themselves in their perspective fields. Ms. Claytor has been paramount in my growth as a young academic. Her profound knowledge transcends across countless areas of work, enabling her to tailor her expertise to you and your specific needs. Ms. Claytor affirms “business, it’s always personal”, ensuring that your experience is unique and accommodating to your professional aspirations.


PhD Student

Washington University in St. Louis
Fulbright Grantee/Chancellor’s Fellow

I am happy to write a recommendation for Quinnetta. As a Master’s Candidate, I came to Quinnetta seeking assistance in my professional development as I prepared for a career in healthcare leadership. She graciously shared her experience and gave the insight I needed to position myself to seek the right start for my career. In addition to her expert input, I took advantage of her resume review services. She was able to show me what hiring managers would be looking for, and helped me highlight the most important information. Having Quinnetta as a resource immediately added value to what I’m able to bring to others.

Jason Washington

MHA Graduate
University of Central Florida

I would highly recommend Q. Clay. I used Ms. Claytor’s services while applying for internships and my graduate program. She identified and capitalized on my strengths which I was able to used to differentiate myself from other candidates. With her services, I was able to brand myself according to the firm/company’s interests and land multiple positions. She understands that first impressions are critical and provides networking skills that will enable you to work the room with confidence. Ms. Claytor is well-versed on all industries and is able to transform your values and prepare you for your potential employer or collegiate opportunity.

Certified Public Accountant

Senior Deals Associate

I have always known that my resume needed some work but I was not able to put it in a format that I was proud of. Working with Q. Clay has been nothing short of amazing! I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. In the time that I have been a client, Q. Clay Strategies & Solutions provided a dynamic resume that I am proud to share with potential employers. In addition, I was coached on being strategic in advancing my career and I now have 2 recurring meetings with key executives in my company. I am also more confident in my abilities as Q. Clay was instrumental in helping me identify and highlight my strengths. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to become more polished and make leaps in their career.


Rama Walker, RN, BSN

Healthcare CNO

I highly recommend Q. Clay Strategies to anyone that is in need of professional development of all levels of careers. Ms. Claytor’s snapshot portfolio services provided me with a cutting edge to market my skill sets to share with future employers. After attending her mock interview sessions, I was able to gain the confidence to perform well during my job interviews. Thank you Ms. Claytor for your outstanding customer service!


Shanteria Golston

Masters in Healthcare Administration Graduate

Wow! I can’t thank Miss Claytor enough for bringing my resume to life! I can’t wait to impress the recruiters with my revised resume. Working with Q. Clay Strategies and Solutions is well-worth the investment in your career.


Jasmine Glover, MHA, CPC

Senior Business Analyst